What is the Suzuki Method?

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Where love is deep, much can be accomplished.
S. Suzuki

Dr. Schinichi Suzuki took the elements of learning a language and applied them to learning to play the violin or viola. These elements include:

Either the mother or father is chosen as the "Parent Partner" and attends all lessons and practice with the child daily. The most important single ingredient for success is the parents' willingness to devote regular time to
work closely with the child and the teacher

Begin early - ages 4-7 is ideal

Complex tasks are learned through breaking them into small steps and then using repetition to achieve step by step mastery.

Give positive encouragement and create an enthusiastic learning environment.
"Mother-tongue approach" - just as babies learn to speak their native language by listening, so children can learn music by listening. Suzuki students listen daily to a CD recording of the pieces they will learn.

Every child gets a weekly group lesson as well as a weekly private lesson. Group lessons are key to motivation - students that do not play in a social setting almost always quit the instrument.

Music reading is postponed until the child's aural and instrumental skills are well established - just as we teach children to read a language only after they can speak.

To learn more about the Suzuki Method

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"Nurtured by Love" by Schinichi Suzuki
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"To Learn With Love" by William and Constance Starr